Permanent Cosmetics- Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup

Permanent make up has become very popular in the medical world. It is also known as micro pigmentation, make up tattooing, or permanent cosmetics. This advanced kind of tattooing makes use of medical grade pigments. It is different from the conventional tattoo because it does not go deep inside the skin. It has become a revolution in the cosmetics world.

You can have the perfectly defined eyes, eyebrows and the most sumptuous lips to last several years. The cosmetic industry has revolutionized since its inception. The past years has seen it gaining popularity than other modes of beautification. People have realized the benefits of hassle free and waterproof permanent cosmetics. People look at their best at all times regardless their hectic and busy schedule. It can also camouflage scars using the perfect blend of pigments. These pigments vary from light to very dark suiting the needs of the patient. It produces outstanding and admiring results.

Semi permanent make up is also gaining popularity because of the upcoming new trainees in this field. Another reason for the permanent cosmetics being popular in the world is its increasing popularity in the media. Celebrities who want to look their best have gained from this treatment. It is also beneficial to cancer patients. Even though it is referred as semi, it is a permanent cosmetic treatment for the people. The treatment comes at a nominal price depending on the experience of the technician. The procedure is simple and painless taking a maximum of two to three hours.


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